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Ragazza Contracting Construction Contract Managers

Ragazza Contracting has more than 10 years experience providing high residential and commercial contracting services. We offer a swift turnaround on high quality work and a reasonable price range.


Safe construction begins with qualified and experienced professionals who strategically systematize your workflow. We submit construction documentation to various government agencies, whether private or commercial, for the Applicant of Record. We manage applications, submittals, requisitions and expedite required filing documents. Organized and correctly submitted paperwork ultimately leads to more bids, makes financial management effortless, and prepares you for any audits.


Contract Bidding

We work closely with the Mayor's Office of Contract Services (MOCS), New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA), and the New York City of School Construction Authority (NYC SCA) to prepare and submit applications on your behalf. We make sure that all clients are certified with MOCS so they can continue to bid for projects. In addition, we prepare certified city payroll.

Audit Preperation

We protect your business and employees by preparing your worker's compensation, professional liability, and general liability. In addition, our organized business model will keep you prepared for any union audit if necessary.

Financial Management

Whether you follow a cash or accrual model, we record all transactions for accounts receivables, accounts payables, and AIA Billing. Detailed reports will prepare your business for short and long-term goals while maintaining your company organized.

About Us

With over twenty years of experience, Ragazza Contracting help built a legacy of successful projects, ranging from $1 million to $250 million, for multiple clients in the NYC area. They have a great reputation with the Department of Buildings, the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA), New York City School Construction Authority (SCA) and the state of New York. This allows Regazza to, not only excel, but to swiftly complete projects for all clients in a timely manner. The consulting firm, headquartered in Queens, NY, consists of a wonderful, knowledgeable staff that will make sure you obtain work, maintain work and, finally, get paid for the work performed.

There are three important goals for Ragazza contracting:

  • Successfully bid for a project.
  • Maintain the project.
  • Receive compensation for your project.

It is important that all projects are completed successfully. Ragazza's extensive experience in the financial sector can really improve your chances on completing a project. Ragazza will make you look like the quickest and most reliable company contracted.

When it comes to efficiency, dedication, and quality of work, Ragazza Contracting is where I turn to. There is no one that can come close.

Mark Papadimitriou

Mark Papadimitriou

CEO at Themis Chimney, Inc.

New York City Partners

Dormitory Authority iof State of New York
New York City Housing Authority
New York City School Construction Authority

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